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So you are excitedly anticipating your family or newborn photoshoot, and you begin to think about what you will do with your images. Chances are these pictures will be very important to you, so you want to make a statement with them and decorate them all around the house. Whether you’re hanging family photos, frames or canvas’s – how you dress up your walls reflects your personality and what’s important to you, as well as complimenting your furniture and decor.

Think ahead and plan your design, for example if you’re grouping multiple pieces, think about sizes and placement within your rooms, are the walls long enough? Which the colour theme fits with your décor? Thinking ahead will allow time to let the photographer know you’re your intended design. Laminate panels look great grouped together, especially when all of the images complement each other. Ask about size dimensions at your appointment as we have examples to show you in the studio.


Newborn Photoshoot laminate-panels


You can also accessorize your existing furniture. You might consider placing pictures on shelving or side tables. Our inbox frames look great anywhere in your home, and come with a choice of 3 frames, cream, black and walnut. For photos that will be displayed together or in the same room, consider using the same or similar frames on all of them to connect everything. Arrange the frames in a grouping for a gallery-style display.


Newborn Photoshoot inbox-frame


Coming up to Easter, Mothers Day and birthdays you may be wondering what you can get your loved ones as the perfect gift. Our rustic newborn plaques are a beautiful and versatile gift idea for the whole family, and one that relatives will cherish for a lifetime.


Newborn Photoshoot Rustic Plaque


We have a huge variety of newborn photoshoot samples in our studio of what we offer, if you have any questions or you need help with any ideas you may have, certainly get in touch with us, we will be happy to help 🙂

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