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This is for all you mummy’s out there. I was asked last week what advice if any, I would give to new parents. It brought me right back to myself as a first time mum. The struggles and the immense self doubt. I WASN’T doing anything right. I WASN’T cut out for it. My baby DESERVED BETTER. I was FAILING.

So, with the magical wisdom of hindsight now bestowed upon me. I think I would tell all you brand new parents out there the following:

With my first daughter during the pregnancy I had planned everything right down to the last detail. I had read all the baby books, I had planned and bought all the props I planned to use for their newborn photos, I planned to be the perfect mum. But when the time came the challenges I faced in the first few days of her life with feeding, existing on such a tiny amount of sleep. Recovering from that all important labour. It was hard to overcome these challenges and to get this tiny little life documented when she was such a small baby.

She was 10 days old before I had the courage to leave the house and get those precious images taken. Hand on my heart I can say I can relate to most to you first time mummy’s. My piece of advice is to enjoy those first few days/weeks. It’s true that you will never get this time again. It will all be over in a flash. It’s true that one day you will wake up and wonder where the time has gone. How it is possible that your baby will soon be grown up and heading into the big wide world. Be assured you are not alone and let us together enjoy just how tiny they are. By capturing these special memories when they are just so precious.

I came across this quote quite recently which I think pretty much sums up how we as mummy’s want to hold onto the memories of just how tiny they were.

“Photos are the only way, to hold on to what you knew, as the moments they show never change, when the people in them do!” – Erin Hanson.

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