First Birthday Celebrations!

Excitement and anxiety were the two feelings I had when Karen had contacted me about photographing their beautiful children. Amelia and Harrison were turning one. Celebrating their first birthday and wanted their most loyal companion to be in on the action too their beloved Cocker Spaniel Izzy.

You can spend time preparing and planing all the ideas out and they all could completely fail. As this is the age where little ones decide what they want to do and their growing independence runs the whole show. Twins are so alike in so many ways, but at the same time they have such a different personalities. You never know what they will be like on the day of the photoshoot itself.

I was very much looking forward and excited to meeting Harrison, Amelia and their dog Izzy. I knew that the outcome will conquer my fears and the result would be so rewarding. This is just some of the family images that was taken during their photoshoot that I am absolutely in love with.



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