Studio Photoshoot – What to wear!

The most often asked question we hear is, how should we dress for our photoshoot? Clothing and styling is clearly a very subjective and personal choice, so we would never want to be too prescriptive.  However everyone wants their photos to last a lifetime, however it’s easy to forget that fashion trends come and go. No one wants to look at their family picture hanging on the wall in 10 years’ time and wonder what on earth was I thinking?! We have compiled a list of do’s and don’t that will help with that all important question, “How do we dress for our photoshoot? 


  • Your backdrop in the studio will be plain white, so choose plain colours that are timeless – pastels, creams, beige etc. Some inspiration can be found here; http://pin.it/HFGIret

  • Co-ordinate your colours, they do not have to match, but they should complement each other. Examples of some great colour combinations; http://pin.it/RlOGnn

What to wear to a photoshoot

  • Make sure your outfits are comfortable, especially for children, or young girls long floaty dresses work well. Wearing uncomfortable clothes can cause anxiety and stress, which will in turn inhibit their personalities from shining through in pictures.

what should i wear studio photoshoot

  • Bring simple, reasonable sized props which will encourage closeness and bonding, think of your child’s favourite toys, or a game you enjoy playing as a family.


  • No busy or bright patterns, these can date your pictures and be too harsh against the backdrop.
  • Avoid wearing chunky, statement jewellery. This can really cause a distraction on your image by drawing the eye away from faces, so try to keep jewellery simple.
  • Steer clear from heavy ‘occasion’ makeup, keep makeup nice and natural.
  • The day before your photoshoot is not the time to revamp your look, any major style changes should be done well in advance to your photoshoot. If you hate the new haircut, you still have time to change it.

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