Let’s celebrate those little milestones!

Sometimes we forget how 6 – 8 months is such a lovely age. They have reached that little milestone where they have mastered sitting up and have become so expressive and so smiley. I have done so many sitter photoshoot’s but this young chap has to one of my favourites. He had just reached 6 months and had only just mastered sitting up on his own but didn’t he do a fantastic job!

I’ve been told babies can only concentrate for a minute for every month. So they say at 6 months babies can concentrate for approx. 6 minutes. This may seem like no time at all but I have become quite proficient at reading baby cues. So I generally know when they need a short breather.

This type of photoshoot normally lasts an hour. More than enough time to capture those little personalities that are starting to peep through. If this inspires you to capture your little ones shining personality please drop us a message on Facebook. Or alternatively call us on 07712 258065.


6 – 8 month old


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