Why is it best to have your baby’s photos taken so early?

Curled-Up Newborn Photography

Every baby is different. Is there a perfect time to take photos? It can be easy in the excitement of bringing home a brand new baby to forget or let up the chance to have a shoot done. Your new baby will grow really fast and before you know it those cute little hands and toes, those beautiful expressions will be a fleeting memory. Newborn photography is very time sensitive for this reason.

The first 14 days…

4-10 days

At this age babies sleep a lot and for long periods of time.

They like to curl up in ‘womb-like’ poses.

Their bodies are still very pliable.

And they don’t mind having their clothes off if they are warm.

Feeding schedules are usually set to at least every two hours.

Somewhere around day 10 they discover the joy of stretching! And curling poses become rarer.

11 days and up

They are generally more awake and personable.

After day 14 they go through a growth spurt.

Acne and colic can sometimes flare up.

Surely the 4-10 days window is best?

Above all it comes down to style. If adorable, naked and tight poses is what you’re after, then look no further than the 4-10 days window. If however, you want awake and dressed with a stronger touch of personality, then opt for 11 days and up.

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