Here you can find out how it all works…

Each of us have our own personality and style and we at BeYoutiful Moments Photography want to capture what makes you and your family individual.  Before the photo shoot, we take the time to get to know you and your family, so that we can set the studio up to suit your style and your passion before you arrive.

When you arrive to your photography shoot, Laura will record on camera the essence of who you and your family are. In our relaxed, fun and stress free photography shoots, where you can be yourself and enjoy every moment of it while we capture it all in photographs.

What to expect from your Newborn Photography Shoot…

Newborn shoots will last three hours. A newborn photo session can last up to three hours so that we have extra time to allow for your babies feeds between taking photographs, and also changes into different outfits for different styles of photographs.

We take photographs at your babies pace, so that they are safe, comfortable and happy throughout their time in our care.

Before you come to your shoot, it is best if you try to keep your baby awake an hour before you come, so that they are sleepy when they come. This makes it an easy and relaxing experience for everyone. When you come into the studio we have a variety of props that we can use during your photographs, this means that we can get a variety of different props involved that suits their clothes, which gives you a wider of variety of photographs to choose from.

The optimum age for a newborn photography shoot is from 3 to 14 days old because at this age the curled up poses are very natural and it is completely comfortable for them.

Throughout the entire shoot parents are able to relax and enjoy the occasion. Your baby is in safe and experienced hands, your babies safety is the most important thing to us.

What to expect from your Family Photography Shoot…

A family photo shoot will last an hour and a half, and in that time we will capture the personality of your family to treasure forever and decorate your homes with.

Before your photography shoot it is best to plan around your children’s daytime nap. Coming after their nap means they will be full of energy and want to play for their photographs. This allows us to capture them in natural moments, which creates beautiful photographs for you to keep.

Bringing a couple of different outfits creates different prop choices to go with what they are wearing so we have a diverse choice of photographs for you.

We spend time talking to and playing with your child so that they are comfortable around us, this means that we get the natural and beautiful moments of your children for you to enjoy at home.

Family photography shoots usually last an hour and a half, and can be either in the studio or out at your favorite outdoor location.

Colours and outfits play a big role on how the photos will look at the end and what feeling you get when you look at your photographs. If you love casual, natural photos then a casual outfit looks well. To create an artistic, stylized photograph it is best to go with a dressy outfit.

We have a variety of different props if you would like to add those to your photographs, or if there is anything in particular you would like to include in yours, let me know and I will have it organized for your shoot.  If you would like to bring your childrens favourite teddy or toy, they are more than welcome to join us!

If it is a first birthday / smash the cake photograph you would need to bring a cake with you. Most importantly, bring your good mood and smiles with you!

On the day we would start with the family photographs first and would do different variations of photographs. This includes photos of you all, mum and little ones, dad and little ones, siblings together and couple photos of just you two!

We want to capture your family enjoying each others company in a natural and protected way so that everyone is as relaxed as possible while we take the photographs.

What to expect at your Viewing…

Before you come to the viewing session, we recommend that you have a look at our price guide, discuss together what you would like to do with the photography, have a look around your walls so you know what sizes and colour frames goes best with the design of your house. Do not stress out too much about this, as Laura is there to help and advice you.

Your viewing session could last somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour. So organize your time so that you do not have to rush and can enjoy your time looking through your photographs.

If you are interested in booking a photography session please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you 🙂