A Fairy-tale in the making!

It’s that perfect time of year to capture those family portraits you always wanted and what could be better than a backdrop of the forest with a floor of bluebells that gives that photography session an enchanting, timeless and magical feel.

You may associate the words fairytales, enchantment and magical just for little girls but we say what about the little boys! What could be more fun than running around the woods collecting their favourite treasures of sticks, stones, snails, bugs and climbing trees is any little boy’s idea of fun, and with the first spring bluebells out to greet us in a few weeks’ time, what could be nicer?

Childhood photography bluebells

Now not forgetting the little girl’s it’s all about the imagination of the fairies. It’s a fun game to tell them that the fairies are there, though we can’t see them. But sometimes they appear in the photograph later. It’s always good to spread the fun.

family portraits

The ideal photoshoot for early May that will capture those little personalities and leave you with those memories that will last a life time.

Bluebell photography children


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