Outdoor photoshoots – what to wear?

I love outdoor photoshoots – sandy beaches, deep blue skies and the natural greenery of the outdoors makes a perfect backdrop. Capturing images in different locations really puts a unique stamp on your photographs.

Personally I like a casual look when shooting outdoors, think comfort and simplicity. Your children may love Mickey Mouse or Postman Pat, but do not choose any clothing with characters on them, or anything with a bold pattern, you want your photos to stand the test of time and this is the easiest way to avoid dating your pictures.

When shopping for outfits, head to stores that typically have colour coordinating clothes. You can purchase outfits for the whole family in the one store, and you can be sure the colours will coordinate nicely. Don’t shy away from different textures either, scarves, hats and belts add a nice little touch to the images. Here are some ideas so you can visualize what I mean; http://pin.it/9n8ch3s

During the Autumn I would recommend neutral and earth tones such as green, brown, rusty oranges, yellow/mustard, reds and darker blue’s. http://pin.it/0CidkER . Our weather can be very unpredictable; so don’t forget you will need coats and boots or welly’s if the ground gets mucky.

In the Summer/Spring time some good colour choices would be brighter colours that compliment skin tones and bring out the colour of your eyes. Keep in mind your chosen location, simple linens and pastel colours look fantastic in beach photoshoots.



Wear your usual everyday makeup, or if you prefer have it done professionally, but ask for it to be kept simplistic. Nothing too bold which will stand out heavily in the picture. Find a nice balance between natural and glam.

It is important you keep your own individual style, but these are some of my useful suggestions based on what I have found during my experiences.  If you need any help when deciding on your outfit choices don’t hesitate to contact me.

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