4 Tips to achieve natural smiles in children portraits

natural smiles photography in Children portraits

When little ones get older they become more aware of themselves and every time you lift your camera to take their photo they give you what might be best described as an unnatural smile. In this short article and owing to my background in child photography I’m going to share my secrets on how to achieve a natural smiles in Children portraits smile with little ones.

  1. Interact with them. Start a conversation, chat about what they love doing most, their favourite games etc.
  2. Get them to relax and forget about the camera. Be patient, some like to pose and love to get their photos taken, other ones need more time to get used to being photographed. Take your time and adjust to each accordingly.
  3. Make them smile instead of asking them to smile. Most of us have to admit that we do that. When we lift  a camera to take a photo, we say “smile” or “say cheese” etc. And then in return we receive unnatural smiles. Instead of asking for a smile, do or say something funny that will make the child laugh and then take the photo.
  4. Be funny and enjoy the process. Remember that you were once a child, so having a child allows you to go back to your childhood again.

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