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Tips! Getting the most out of your photography session.

Squeezing the Orange Dry! 20 Tips for getting the most out of your Photography Session!

Whether it’s a newborn shoot, a family session or something else entirely, there are general things you can do, be it in action, attitude or something else entirely, that will smooth your way. And who better to list them than an actual photographer! Don’t you just love bullet points. I know I do!

  1. Activity – Bring an activity you enjoy doing, whether as an individual or together as a family.
  2. Cheer – Everyone stay cheerful! We’re looking at you daddy!
  3. Communicate – Once the trust is there tell us what you want, we want you to love your photos.
  4. Consultations – Make use of your consultation. See number 20. Discuss location, style, poses and of course, money.
  5. Energy – Be well rested and well fed before the shoot
  6. Flexibility – If there is a downpour we can reschedule, otherwise there will be moments when the weather is not going to play ball.
  7. Fun – Above all, have fun! Enjoyable, natural and relaxed photography, that’s the goal right?
  8. Homework – Do some homework. Everyone wants their pictures a certain way.
  9. Just let things happen – Your goal is to capture your family as they are at this moment.
  10. The Kids – Prepare your kids! They aren’t going to see Santa, but they should have fun! Let them know what to expect.
  11. The Look – Are you looking at me? You don’t have to look and smile at the camera the whole time…See number 7.
  12. Meaning – The devil is in the details. Bring meaningful items that can be incorporated into the shoot.
  13. Open Sesame – Show up with an open mind! Crazy ideas equal great pictures! Well…sometimes!
  14. Outfitting – Choose your clothing carefully and ahead of schedule. Opt for coordination and comfort and discuss this with your photographer in advance.
  15. Plan – This is going here, that there and so on! Yes, that’s right, have a plan as to what you’re going to do with the photos when you’re done.
  16. The Pong – Cheese is for crackers and not for photo shoots
  17. Present – Be excited and present! It’s your time to shine!
  18. Readiness – Leave plenty of time to get ready. Consider make-up, hair cuts, traffic, weather and so on.
  19. Realism – Every photoshoot is different, with different factors affecting each.
  20. Trust – Trust your photographer. We mean to help you.

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