Don’t forget the little ones!

When we think of childhood photography we may think of small children. We often forget about the children that are in fact that little bit older like my own two eldest daughter’s. Who are aged from 7 – 10 & the innocence they still hold. Though we often ask ourselves as mums how we can achieve beautiful, quality and timeless photos of our older children.We understand it can be difficult to capture the various stages of childhood in a creative, memorable and unique way. 

Capturing these unique times in their lives when they are still very much child like and innocent and the story around them is what we love doing. When they haven’t just reached that teenage era and aren’t quite yet into the world of social media, make-up and boyfriends. I am endlessly taking photographs of my daughters. Not only as a hobby but as a memory to time forgot in the years to come.

Let’s not forget about the older children in our lives, let us capture that child-like nature before it is lost. These are some of the images I have taken of my beautiful girls on a recent trip as a family. I hope you enjoy and that it gives you the inspiration to think about capturing the innocence of your own older children.

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outdoor childhood photography

Outdoor Childhood Photoshoot


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